Work and Worth

We want to create meaningful, well-paid jobs, working with businesses in the City. We will develop processes to ensure that employees have the best opportunities to progress and develop when they are in work. We will work with the DWP to ensure that the procedures that allow people to volunteer while on benefits are easy to understand and applied consistently across its department.

The Working It Out workshop was hosted by then Leader of the Council, Councillor Gordon Matheson, on 25th June 2015. It followed a special survey where over 350 people shared their views on finding work, being in work and their hopes for the future. The survey took place because the PLP wanted to know more about people’s experiences of finding or keeping work and about the services and support that is available to help them. In the survey, people told us about the barriers to finding good work, or in making sure that the job they have can be the stepping stone to the job they want.

At the Workshop, over 130 people living and working in Glasgow came together to explore the survey results and to create new ideas and practical solutions.

The Workshop Report and the results of the survey are available as a PDF document