Independendent Working Group on Food Poverty report

The report of the Independendent Working Group on Food Poverty is now available.

It sets out evidence and recommendations to the Scottish Government from the first six months’ work of the Independent Working Group on Food Poverty, an independent group chaired by Martin Johnstone, Secretary of the Church of Scotland’s Church and Society Council.

The main sections of the report cover

  • treating people in food insecurity with dignity as the core principle which runs through all potential solutions
  • understanding the scale of the problem in order that we can address it more effectively
  • a focus on how we prevent food insecurity and hunger from occurring in the first place
  • responding more effectively when people do fall into food insecurity and hunger
  • invest in creating more sustainable, longer-term and more life-enriching solutions to food insecurity

You can access the full report on the Scottish Goverment website