Tackling Poverty Strategy Development Day


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This event took place at the Pearce Institute in Govan on 30th March 2016. It was held following discussion with the co-chairs of the Poverty Leadership Panel, councillor Frank McAveety, community activist Ghazala Hakeem and the Tackling Poverty Manager Sandra McDermott, around the need to ensure that the city’s resources are pulled together for the benefit of those most vulnerable and in need of support. All the members of the Poverty Leadership Panel (PLP) were represented along with several other public services, charities and members of the community. The outcome of the day was a review of those actions that currently sit with the PLP workstream leads, suggestions for improving the current services provided and a number of new ideas and issues were raised, which have been recorded. There is now a small working team made up of council officers, community activists and other service providers to develop a Tackling Poverty for the city that is owned by the city and not any one organisation.