Credit and Debt

Many of our citizens are unaware of the services that are available to them to support them while in financial difficulties. We have invested in 16 third sector advice providers across the city to deliver financial advice services.

We have produced the Community Finance report that identified the issues of high interest pay day loans and high interest high street furniture shops.

We have a project team set up to look at alternatives to the high interest products mentioned in the Community Finance report.

In the period April to September 2015 we obtained £24.9m in financial gains for our clients.

Future Savers - Glasgow's Starter for 10 gives first year secondary pupils’ access to a credit union savings account with a GCC donation of £10. The project aims to raise awareness of the impact of unethical practices of payday lending and promotes the service, ethos and values of credit unions.

As of January 2016 3,408 pupils had opened a credit union account.