PLP partner, Wheatley Group, launches its Anti-Stigma Campaign

Over the next year, the PLP will be campaigning for a fairer Glasgow, and giving people in our city who are affected by poverty the opportunity to have their voices heard, challenge stereotypes about their lives and put forward solutions to end poverty for good. You can read the full version of the launch on the GHA website.

Glasgow’s In-Work Support Guidance and the Homelessness Easement Card launched

The City’s PLP Co-Chair Councillor Frank McAveety has launched Glasgow’s In-Work Support guidance and the Homelessness Easement Card.

In-Work Support is mainly an online resource to support those in low paid jobs and low income families who, despite being in employment, still suffer financial hardship.

The Homelessness Easement Card is aimed at unemployed homeless individuals who could be missing out on welfare payments or being unfairly categorised for benefits or Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) because they have wrongly or mistakenly stated their housing situation.

“The Wee Glasgow Loan”

Glasgow City Council has announced its backing for a low-cost loan that significantly removes the risk of financially-vulnerable citizens entering into a cycle of debt.

The Wee Glasgow Loan is a fairer and crucially cheaper alternative to short term, high-cost, products from payday loan companies and rent-to-own shops that can cause a misery for hard-pressed residents.

The new loan product, operated by Pollok and BCD Credit Unions and supported by Glasgow City Council has an extremely low interest rate (2% per month on a decreasing balance.)

Independendent Working Group on Food Poverty report

The report of the Independendent Working Group on Food Poverty is now available.

It sets out evidence and recommendations to the Scottish Government from the first six months’ work of the Independent Working Group on Food Poverty, an independent group chaired by Martin Johnstone, Secretary of the Church of Scotland’s Church and Society Council.

The main sections of the report cover


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